Purple Haze(MMP) Collection



KING SIZE /slim/ size 110×45 mm
ultra thin, slow burning, arabic gum

32 leaves in a BOOKLET
32 filter tips in a BOOKLET

Length = 111 mm
Width = 53 mm
Depth = 5 mm

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“You have to go on and be crazy. Craziness is like heaven.” Jimi Hendrix

Things will never seem the same, after Purple Haze is all in your brain! Experience the Haziness, feel the vibe, get high and act funny without knowing why! Our Purple Haze collection is a dedication to one of the greatest artists of our time, we offer the design in Maxi Pack versions and King Size Slim + tips size. You can also choose from our standard paper or go for the more Eco, unbleached version. Now, excuse us, while we kiss the sky!

The Purple Haze collection; roll yourself a little piece of personal heaven.

Magnetic Maxi Pack and ultra thin, slow burning rolling papers.

Each booklet contains 32 leaves and tips. All of our papers are made from natural pulp fibres with natural Arabic gum, sourced from Europe.


From To Discount Booklet price
1 11 N/A 2.00€
12 23 5% 1.90€
24 47 7.5% 1.85€
48 95 10% 1.80€
96 191 12.5% 1.75€
192 383 20% 1.60€
384 * 30% 1.40€

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Discounts on quantity also apply to different designs of the same booklet type.

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